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The Crocodile a Killing Machine

It’s a cry that sends shivers of fear through anyone within earshot. One of the planet’s most dangerous predators, the estuarine or saltwater crocodile, has claimed Cape York as its territory for millions of years, perhaps as long as the land itself has existed.

And of the different species of crocodile that inhabit the world’s tropics today, the Australian saltwater crocodile is known as the largest and most aggressive. It has remained unchanged during its long reign on earth because of one single factor – it is instinctively a killing machine with immense power and the ability to stalk its prey with deadly patience.


Takes you into the fascinating world of these feared animals, and into the lives of the people who hunted, or were hunted by them. These true stories paint a picture of incredible hardship, endurance, and the sheer will to survive in one of the world’s last great wilderness areas.

This book recalls my interviews with the men and women who culled the saltwater crocodile in north Queensland, along with survivors of attacks by these fearsome creatures, and those who witnessed scenes of absolute horror.

The people I write about are every bit as colourful and courageous as any fictional characters – in fact, it would be very difficult to invent some of them.

These tales of tragic fatalities and amazing escapes from the jaws of these primeval animals are the stuff of headlines. They are riveting stories of human versus beast in an unforgiving environment.

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