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SHARK! Beware!

Beach lovers around the world shudder in fear and scramble from the water if they hear that shouted word. It carries a chill of terror, that death is nearby and waiting. Or injuries so shocking that the mind recoils from the thought.

This book chronicles shark attacks both on Australia’s fatal shores and overseas. It also records miraculous escapes – some so bizarre they defy belief, and some that display extraordinary courage in the face of extreme peril.

In the ocean, where life had its genesis, sharks have ruled since they first emerged in the late Silurian period, more than 400 million years ago. For the past 70 million years or so, after having evolved into highly efficient kill-and-eat predators, sharks have changed little. They haven’t needed to. When a species has adapted perfectly to its environment, the evolutionary process slows down, perhaps even stops. The shark is nature’s perfect design for survival in the sea.

In these pages, I interview famous shark hunters and other adventurers who speak for the first time about their dangerous encounters with these fearsome creatures of the deep. As well, I investigate the sometimes strange behaviour of sharks, including the phenomenon of the so-called “rogue” sharks – those that stalk and kill humans in numbers, in the same place, at the same time.

These are gripping stories that both fascinate and frighten, stories that will take you into the realm of these strange but terrible hunters of the oceans. They are the supreme masters of their kingdom. They are the silent killers of the deep.

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