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In August 1991, the bodies of north Queensland women, Vicki Arnold and Julie-Anne Leahy, were found on an isolated bush track at Cherry Tree Creek, 15 kilometres from the town of Atherton. After a hasty examination of the crime scene, police deemed the killings to be a murder-suicide at the hands of Arnold, who, in a frenzy of madness, was said to have killed her best friend and then herself.

But 22 years later, in 2013, at a third colonial inquest into the tragedy, State Coroner Michael Barnes officially found that both women had been murdered, and ordered Alan Leahy, Julie-Anne’s husband, to stand trial for the killings. This was later overturned by the Cairns Supreme Court.

Robert Reid has investigated and reported on the case since 1992, when the first inquest concurred with the police theory that Arnold was the killer. Reid’s numerous articles, news stories, and television appearances over the years have been instrumental in bringing this baffling crime to the official conclusion that both Vicki and Julie-Anne were grotesquely murdered in cold blood.

This book, Reid’s third on the case, delves deep into the dark secrets of this bizarre and terrible crime.

“I have always believed in my daughter’s innocence and I am grateful to Robert Reid for his long search for the truth and his commitment to clear Vicky’s name. Without his involvement this would not have happened.” – Vida Arnold

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