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Under a Dark Moon

Under a Dark Moon


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Cape York Murders

The new edition of UNDER A DARK MOON has been revised and updated. This edition includes a new chapter, THE CAPE YORK MURDERS, an investigative report on a brutal double murder that shocked the nation. On 5 June 2003, fisherman Bevin Simmonds and his 10-year-old son Brad, went missing while checking shark nets off the west coast of Cape York Peninsula. They were never seen again.

In October 2005, Michael Gater and his mother Joan faced a jury in the Cairns Supreme Court, charged with two counts of murder. After five days of deliberation, the jury found the Gaters not guilty and mother and son walked free from the court. But the police and the fishing community of Cape York know Bevin and Brad Simmonds were murdered. Who killed them and why? Follow the story as it unfolds into a murder mystery that is both terrifying and fascinating in its dramatic sequence of events.

UNDER A DARK MOON (NEW EDITION) reveals a violent side to the spectacular beauty and relaxed atmosphere of life in Australia’s northern tropics. In this book, crime writer Robert Reid chronicles 14 cases, involving bizarre murders and unexplained disappearances that have created headlines in newspapers and television bulletins across Australia, and in some instances around the world.

UNDER A DARK MOON (NEW EDITION) examines the brutal slaying of Japanese backpacker Michiko Okuyama, who was bashed to death in Cairns and her body stored under rotting vegetables in a wheelie bin by a 16-year-old youth who was later convicted of her murder. Reid also probes the strange case of American scuba divers Tom and Eileen Lonergan, who were left behind on the Great Barrier Reef in 1998 and were never found.

UNDER A DARK MOON (NEW EDITION) exposes a number of tragic miscarriages of justice, such as the arrest and conviction of Aboriginal man Kelvin Condren for the murder of a woman in Mt Isa in 1983. Condren could not have committed the murder – he was drunk in a police cell at the time of the killing. Nevertheless, it took seven years to free him. The book also follows the last hours of Cairns teenager Angela Mealing who went to a party with friends and was found dead six weeks later on the banks of a creek. A police officer said he picked the girl up and dropped her off in the sugar town of Gordonvale. He was later dismissed for lying to investigators but never charged with any offence. Did Angela commit suicide or was she taken to that lonely place and murdered?

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